• Transparency from estimated costs to cost statement (Orca AVA)
  • Forecasts to follow-up management through digital cost monitoring
  • Detailed auditing with quantity measurement and itemised lists
  • Comprehensive costs estimation based on current market prices
  • Regular data sheet for recording the exact state of the project


  • Team-based collaboration between static and planning
  • Meetings on fixed dates for planning and construction supervision
  • Responsive construction schedules with real-time adaptation for construction management
  • Setting objectives and time goals for internal processes (QM)
  • Minute-based billing of services


  • 3D building planning derivations from a model (CAD, AVA, Static)
  • Implementation of BIM models for determining quantities
  • Layer structures applicable in customer-specific structures
  • Static and reinforcement planning in 3D
  • Area balancing
  • Feasibility analyses
  • Urban development planning
  • Detail library for architecture and static


  • Client data sheet for recording customer requirements
  • Mobile problem tracking and detailed fault documentation
  • Digital device-controlled inspection
  • Sync server for exchanging data with high-level encryption
  • Detailed protocol system


  • TÜV* certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 (*German Association for Technical Inspection)
  • Regular recertifications by independent auditors
  • Tool for company development, not for marketing purposes
  • Orientation towards revision of ISO 9001:2015


  • Project-based request attests to a high level of satisfaction of 93% specifying “very good”
  • Transparent insight into our statistics
  • Improvement processes are customised for individual customers