Bielefeld student union

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Bielefeld student union

Bielefeld/North Rhine- Westphalia

This contribution to the limited competition for expanding accommodation facilities for students in Bielefeld follows the building extension of the existing buildings and adopts multiple stories at a height of 11.50m. The area of the façade is defined by slate cladding in the rectangular double covering. The quite impression is created by the accentuation of all the openings such as balconies, entrances etc. The intrusions in the cubage are covered with horizontally arranged rhombus strips made of untreated larch. As well as the common rooms, the building provides the 65 users with plenty of space in apartments and two- and three-room flats.

  • NGA: 2.450 [m²]
  • Contact: Herr Flore, +49 521 10641087

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